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Tsangarada, Agios Ioannis - Papa Nero beach, Mouressi, Pilion (Pelion) 37012, Greece
Cell: +306972484809, Tel: +302426031624
MHTE: 0726K113K02735-0

Pelion`s beautiful green slopes provide the opportunity of additional kinds of tourism and activities development such as hiking since in Pelion there are plenty of forest and rural roads as well as a lot of paths encouraging this kind of activity, for those who want to acquaint, explore and enjoy in this way places of extraordinary beauty, with magnificent view and lush lands of cool running water.

Hiking is recommended mainly during Spring and Autumn, or in South Pelion in Winter as well.

Most paths are signposted, and therefore the presence of a specialist climber or walker is not required, since they are passable and easily accessed by all visitors.

There are however paths characterized by a greater degree of difficulty, and therefore they are addressed to more experienced walkers.

Those interested in this kind of activity are advised to consult the weather broadcast prior to hiking, to inform a friend or the hotelier, and to have the proper equipment, such as:

- Comfortable and non slippery shoes

- A small backpack

- Pharmacy

- Water

- Food or energy bars

- Hat

- Wind breaker

"Dear Guests ,

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