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Pagasetic Gulf Beaches

The beaches of Pelion, from the side of the Aegean Sea as well as from the side of the Pagasitikos Gulf, are famous for their crystal clear waters. Many of them have been also awarded a Blue Flag by the European Union.

In Pelion, you will find beaches for all tastes. Quiet or fashionable. With sand or with pebbles. From the side of the Pagasitikos Gulf, you may visit and swim in the following beaches:

Kato Lechonia
Departing from Volos and Agria, Kato Lechonia is the first beach that you will see. It is located just 10km from Volos, on the coastal road to Pelion. Here swimming is combined with coffee or drinks, since you will find many options of entertainment in the area.

Kato Gatzea
It is the port of the village Ano Gatzea that is built above the beach. Kato Gatzea is a beach with sand and smooth pebbles, located in the settlement of the same name.

Next to the settlement of Kato Gatzea is located the beach Sykia. Its main feature is the trees that offer shade from the sun to the swimmers.

Platanidia is a small beach, located in the settlement of the same name.

Kala Nera
It is one of the most famous beaches from the side of the Pagasitikos Gulf. Kala Nera is an organized beach, with sand, located 20km from Volos. Here you will find deckchairs, many places for food, drinks as well as accommodation.

Koropi (or Mpoufa)
Mpoufa is the longest beach of Pelion, located between Kala Nera and Afissos. It attracts every year many people. It is a sandy beach, with crystal clear waters, many trees, located 25km from the city of Volos.

In the famous tourist village Afissos, there are many beaches, such as Ampovos, Lagoudi, Kalifteri, Agia Efthimia, Razi. The majority of them are sandy, with crystal clear waters. The beaches Ampovos and Kalifteri are organized, with water sports, surrounded by a lush green landscape. The beach Lagoudi is more quiet, with pebbles, surrounded by trees that offer shade from the sun and coolness during the summer. The beach Razi is not organized, very quiet and with crystal clear waters.

It is a beautiful, quiet beach, with sand and smooth pebbles, located 33km from Volos. The dense vegetation of the area reaches the beach, and offers beautiful images to the visitor. 

In the tourist settlement of Kalamos, approximately 45km from Volos, you will find the beautiful and peaceful beach of the same name. The beach Kalamos is not organized.

In the north of Chorto, is located the beautiful beach Paou that is not visible from the central road, surrounded by a peaceful landscape. The beach Paou is accessible through the village Argalasti.

On the island Palio Trikeri, you will find many beaches. One of the most famous is Prasini Ammos (green sand), with crystal clear waters (30min. from the port). Equally beautiful are the beaches Afetka (with its characteristic old, and abandoned today, hotel) and Agios Georgios. These two marvellous beaches are accessible also from the Monastery Panagia, through a sloping path.

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