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Rooms & Apartments
Tsangarada, Agios Ioannis - Papa Nero beach, Mouressi, Pilion (Pelion) 37012, Greece
Cell: +306972484809, Tel: +302426031624
MHTE: 0726K113K02735-0
Social life in `Katerina Fotopoulos Rooms and Apartments`  is concentrated on the central terrace. Most of the time you can find Katerina or her parents here.
A lower part of the house is accessible via the stairs on the left which leads to a special corner of Papanero beach which is ideal for several activities such as Scuba Diving or swimming.
At the other side of the central terrace you can see a glimpse of the second building of `Katerina Fotopoulos Rooms and Apartments`, which houses most of the guest rooms. The stairs lead to the two apartments and one other room. Under the stairs you see the beginning of a corridor giving access to five other rooms. If you go up the stairs you reach the entrance to the apartments. The entrance is at ground level, however on the other side of the building the balconies of the apartments are on the second floor.
If you walk through the corridor you will find an open air shower on your way to the beach (however most guests use it on their way back from the sea to their rooms). 
The shower has warm and cold water (although it cannot be guaranteed that the cold water is really cold when the average afternoon temperature in July and August is around 30°C). 
From the shower a path leads down to the Papa Nero beach. It took your webmaster and his 4 years old daughter a few minutes to go down to the beach, and a few minutes more to climb back to `Katerina Fotopoulos Rooms and Apartments`.
The path ends at the southern end of the beach; and is clearly indicated with this blue sign.
Once again it should be pointed out that unfortunately this kind of path is not suitable for handicapped persons.

"Dear Guests ,

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